[Version: February 2021]

Associate Professor of Sustainable Development and Economy      2020-

Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics

Core Faculty, Sustainability Institute

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Assistant Professor of Sustainable Development and Economy      2016-2020

Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics

Core Faculty, The Sustainable and Resilient Economy Discovery Theme

The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Postdoctoral Associate                                                 2013-2016

Global Lands

The Nature Conservancy, Arlington, VA

Visiting researcher                                             2014-2015              

Institute on the Environment

University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN


Duke University, Durham, NC                                                                                                                     

Ph.D. in Environment                                                                           2008-2013                        

Areas of expertise: Environmental and Resource Economics, Development Economics

Primary advisors: Dr. Subhrendu Pattanayak and Dr. Randall Kramer

Committee members: Dr. Martin Smith, Dr. Jeffrey Vincent, Dr. Dean Urban

Certificate in College Teaching                                                                              2013                      

Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA                                2003-2007

B.A. in Economics & Biology (Magna cum Laude)

Honors in Biology


“Three Essays on Protecting Biodiversity in Developing Countries”



*indicates co-lead authors
**indicates students

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* indicates co-lead authors
** indicates graduate students
***indicates undergraduate students

Miteva, D.A., Ellis, P.W., Ellis, E.A., Griscom, B.W. et al (2021). “Vertical Integration Reduces Deforestation due to Agricultural Conversion in Mexican Common Property Resource Systems”. 

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“Do biodiversity policies work? The case for Conservation Evaluation 2.0” with Subhrendu Pattanayak and Paul Ferraro, Ch. 12 in “Nature in the Balance: The Economics of Biodiversity”, (Eds) Dieter Helm & Cameron Hepburn, 2014 (lead: D. Miteva)

"Ecosystem services and human well-being: A Case Study in Jambi Province, Sumatra, Indonesia" with Seth Binder, Amy Rosenthal, Subhrendu Pattanayak, Justin Johnson, Rebecca Traldi, Michael Anderson, Derric Pennington, 
Nirmal Bhagabati, 2013
Available here:

"Targeting biofuels expansion to sustain production & environmental quality in Brazilian landscapes" with Christina Kennedy, Peter Hawthorne, Kei Sochi, Leandro Baumgarten, Elizabeth M. Uhlhorn, and Joe Kiesecker, Ch. 8 in “Energy Sprawl Solutions”, (Eds) J. Kiesecker & D. Naugle, 2017 

“National Policies” with Jan Börner, Thales West, Kathrine Sims, Allen Blackman, Sven Wunder, and Arild Angelsen, Ch. 7, 2018 in “Transforming REDD+”, CIFOR: Bogor, Indonesia. Available here: https://www.cifor.org/library/7045/

Contributing Author to IPBES 2019. The assessment report of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services on Global Assessment of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, 2019   

 Beyond the Traditional: Voluntary Market-Based Initiatives to Promote Land Tenure Securitywith Lea Fortmann and Roan McNab. Chapter IIIC in Land tenure and sustainable development”, Eds. M. Holland, B.E. Robinson, Y. Masuda, Invited book chapter, Expected 2021 (lead: D. Miteva)


European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists annual meeting (2020), web session

Sustainability and Development conference (2019), Ann Arbor, MI

Environment for Development Forest Collaborative workshop (2018), Gothenburg, Sweden

Environment for Development annual meeting (2017), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

International Congress for Conservation Biology (2017), Cartagena, Colombia

ISEAL (July 2017), research webinar

Environment for Development Forest Collaborative workshop (2017), Athens, Greece

European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists annual meeting (2016), Zurich, Switzerland 

Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions, University of Maine (2016), Orono, ME 

European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists annual meeting (2015), Helsinki, Finland 

World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists (2014), Istanbul, Turkey 

"Evaluating Forest Conservation Initiatives: New Tools and Policy Needs" workshop (2013), Barcelona, Spain 

European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists annual meeting (2013), Toulouse, France 

International Congress for Conservation Biology (2013), Baltimore, MD 

Agricultural & Applied Economics Association annual meeting (2013), Washington, DC 

Allied Social Sciences Association (ASSA) annual meeting (2013), San Diego, CA

Center for Environmental and Resource Policy (CAMP) Resources XIX Workshop (2012, 2011, 2010), Wilmington, NC  

Association of Environmental and Resource Economists annual meeting (2012), Asheville, NC.     

European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists annual meeting (2012), Prague, Czech Republic.

SCB North America Congress for Conservation Biology (2012), Oakland, CA.  

Heartland Environmental and Resource Economics Workshop (2011), Urbana-Champaign, IL.

International Population, Health, and Development Seminar (2011), Duke University, NC.

Mid-Atlantic ESA Meeting (2007). (Poster presentation)

Haverford College Student Research Symposium (2005). (Poster presentation)



Postdoctoral Researcher. The Nature Conservancy, Arlington, VA (June 2013-August 2016)

Research Assistant. Duke University, Durham, NC (2009-2012)

Research Assistant. Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA (Summer 2008, Spring 2006)

Research Technician. Supervisor: W. Bridgeland, PhD candidate, N. Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ (Summer 2007)

Summer Fellow. Supervisor: Dr. Neal Williams, Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA (Summer 2006, Summer 2005) 



Making Ends Meet: Exploring Ways to Conserve Biodiversity in Rural Uganda”, Duke University SIDG/Lazar Foundation, 06/2009-07/2009 ($2,000)

“Harnessing the ecosystem services of vacant lots to promote sustainability and resilience in Cleveland, OH", The Steam Factory, 2017-2018 ($15,000), Co-PI with Mary Gardiner and Frances Sivakoff, the Department of Entomology, The Ohio State University

“Harnessing the ecosystem services of vacant lots to promote sustainability and resilience in Cleveland, OH", The Sustainable and Resilient Economy Discovery Theme, 2017-2018 ($49,000), Co-PI with Mary Gardiner and Frances Sivakoff (Entomology), Ryan Winston (Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering), and Mary Rodriguez (Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership), The Ohio State University

“Integrating ecosystem services in the design of a biodiesel facility in Cincinnati”, The Sustainable and Resilient Economy Discovery Theme, 2017-2018 ($47,881), Co-PI with Bhavik Bakshi (Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering) and Antonio Conejo (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

“Natural Climate Solutions for Indonesia, China, and Colombia”, sub-award from TNC, 04/2020-03/2021 ($32,000)

"Palmexpand: Social, Economic, and Environmental Impacts of Oil Palm Expansion in Indonesia". French National Research Agency. Research Grant. 2020-2023. Co-PI with Cécile Bessou (CIRAD); Damien Arvor (University of Rennes);Jérémie Gignoux, François Libois, and Akiko Suwa-Eisenmann (Paris School of Economics) (355,971.84 )

“Evaluating the impacts of Minnesota’s Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP)”, with Derric Pennington,  Amit Pradhananga,  OSU sub-award from the University of Minnesota 2020-2021 ($50,000)


“Harnessing local knowledge and global data to promote sustainability”with Natalia Zappernick**, oral presentation, Community Outreach Conference, Columbus, OH (Jan. 2019).  

“Biodiversity policy: What works, what doesn’t?” workshop participant, Gothenburg, Sweden (2018)
Technical report: https://www.unsdsn-ne.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/WCERE_Pre-Conference_WS_Hela3.pdf

“Conservation Evaluation 3.0: What’s next for policy analysis? Asking and answering the right questions”Policy Forum presentation, oral presentation, World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists, Gothenburg, Sweden (2018)


European Environmental Agency travel grant (Summer 2012, Summer 2013)

Nicholas School Conference travel award (Fall 2012, Summer 2012)

Duke University Graduate School conference travel fellowship (Summer 2012, Fall 2012)

HEARTLAND Workshop travel grant (Fall 2011)

E3 Network Workshop travel grant (Winter 2009)

National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education Robert R. Churchill Memorial Prize for Student Scholarship in GIS (Summer 2007)-awarded to one student from one of the 80 participating colleges

Bryn Mawr College Jean Quistgaard Prize for Excellence in Economics (Spring 2007)-awarded annually to one senior for excellence in Economics

Bryn Mawr College Elizabeth S. Shippen Scholarship in Science (Spring 2006)-awarded annually to one junior for excellence in the study of natural sciences

Bryn Mawr College Mildred Bach Scholarship (Fall 2003-Spring 2007)-full scholarship awarded on the basis of scholastic achievement and financial need upon admission



Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Agricultural & Applied Economics Association

Society for Conservation Biology



Referee: Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economics; Journal of Environmental Economics and Management; Conservation Letters; Agroforestry Systems; International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services and Management; Journal of Environment and Development; Environmental and Resource Economics; Diversity; Environmental & Development Economics; Journal of Environmental Planning & Management; PLoS One; Environmental Research Letters; Ecology and Society; Forest Ecology & Management; Conservation Biology; Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B; Marine Economics; Nature Sustainability; Land Economics; Forest Economics; Ecological Economics; Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, American Journal of Agricultural Economics

Reviewer, Transforming REDD+”, CIFOR 2018

Technical Advisory Group member, the VIA initiative (http://www.isealalliance.org/VIA). 2016-2017

Primary and co-advisor

Shang (Shawn) Xu (dissertation co-advisor, PhD, The Ohio State University, 2017-2019)

Samuel Cheng (PhD, The Ohio State University, 2018-)

Gina Price (PhD, The Ohio State University, 2018-)
Nyonho O (PhD, The Ohio State University, 2018-)
Andrew Miller (PhD, The Ohio State University, 2018-)

Committee member: 

Matthew Borden (Master thesis, Duke University, 2016); 

Corinne Bocci (PhD, The Ohio State University, 2017-2019)

Shelby Stults (Master thesis, The Ohio State University, 2017-2018)
Wei Chen (PhD, The Ohio State University, 2018-2019)
Osama Sajid (PhD, The Ohio State University, 2020-)

Advisory Board, Bauersachs Foundation, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2013-): http://bauersax.org

Climate Change Workshop Advisory Board, NAREA (2016-2017)

Volunteer, Green Balkans Federation of Conservation NGOs, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (2001-2011)

Volunteer, Bryn Mawr College Greens Club, Bryn Mawr, PA ( 2003-2006)

OSU service: 
Seminar committee member, The Ohio State University (02/2017-)
Graduate Studies committee member, The Ohio State University (03/2017-)
University panel on ecosystem services committee member, The Ohio State University (2017-2018)



Courses taught as primary instructor at OSU:

AEDE 4330. Sustainability: Concepts & Methods. Fall 2016-

AEDE 6330. Cost Benefit Analysis: Fall 2020-

AEDE 8103. Doctoral reading/writing seminar: Fall 2021

AEDE 7310. Advanced Environmental Economics. Fall 2017-2019

AEDE 4567. Assessing Sustainability: Project Experience. Fall 2017


Teaching assistant at Duke U.: 

Environmental and Resource Economics. Fall 2008, 2012; Spring 2011

Global Environmental Health. Fall 2009 and Fall 2010.

Social Science Survey Methods. Spring 2010.

Electric Power Markets. Spring 2012

Energy Modeling. Spring 2009.

Principles of Economics. Spring 2006



English, Bulgarian, German (proficient), Russian (proficient)


Stata 14, R, ESRI ArcGIS